Medical Weight Loss, Hormone Therapy, Feminine Care in Yuma, AZ

Men's Health Hormone & Testosterone Therapy


Are you...


Experiencing muscle loss, weight gain, prolonged recovery after injury or workouts?

Having trouble focusing, staying motivated, or with memory?

Struggling with anxiety or depression?

Not as interested or robust in the bedroom as you once were?
Tired of feeling less than your best?


If so, you may have a hormone imbalance.



Testosterone Therapy in Yuma, AZ


Testosterone is the “get up and go” hormone. It drives our libido, helps produce lubrication when aroused, and increases muscle mass. It is also a natural anti-inflammatory. Men naturally begin producing less testosterone after the age of thirty at an average loss of 10% per decade.
Too little testosterone can lead to health complications like an increased risk of diabetes, pre-diabetes, bone loss, and heart disease.

Just because you are getting older doesn’t mean you have to feel like it. Don’t let a hormone imbalance keep you off your game. It’s your health and your choice! Make sure every stage of your life is the best it can be. Schedule a consultation to see if a hormone imbalance is the cause of your symptoms and get back to feeling like yourself again.





Thyroid hormones affect your heart, muscles, bones, metabolism, and your cholesterol levels. They can impact your thought process, mood, and can even cause an intolerance to heat or cold.
If you’re experiencing: low libido, increased heart rate, difficulty losing weight, a feeling of disconnection, or decreased energy, schedule your consultation to see if having your thyroid hormones checked is right for you.





Cortisol is the “stress hormone” and provides us with the energy to get things done. The adrenal
glands produce cortisol as part of the “fight or flight” response. When your cortisol levels are imbalanced you may crave sweets, experience anxiety or depression, have interrupted sleep, or notice increased hair loss.



Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy


Hormones are the chemical messengers that tell the parts of your body when and how to function. Even the slightest imbalance can cause these messages to get jumbled and prevent your body from working correctly. It’s that “off” feeling you get that something is just not quite right.

Empower Wellness offers Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT). This means they mimic the hormones your body makes naturally. BHRT can be administered in many different ways including; oral, topical, intramuscular, and under the skin (injection or pellet). Together, we’ll choose the option that fits your lifestyle and get you back to living a full and balanced life.