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Kellie Brooksher, NP

Your Health. Your Choice.

At Empower Wellness, we strive to help heal the whole person using a holistic approach to optimize your health.

We believe that listening to your individual concerns is key to developing your personalized treatment plan.

We will complete a comprehensive evaluation including speciality testing and develop a treatment plan that is specific to your needs that includes lifestyle changes that will restore your health, and help prevent chronic disease.

We believe your healthcare should include choices to optimize your overall well-being.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • Brain fog slows you down and impairs productivity
  • Fatigue or exhaustion turns basic tasks into grueling chores
  • With so little energy, hobbies become a luxury you can’t afford
  • Socializing and recreational activities feel impossible under the burden of extra weight

Love the Way You Feel

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Metabolism / Weight Loss

Our weight loss programs are designed for people who have struggled to get their weight under control. We treat each person on an individual basis to ensure their treatment will optimize results.