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suspended for the hot summer months.
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Welcome to Empower Wellness Studio

Empower Wellness Studio is a community of women who
benefit from other women.
We provide fitness and wellness services in a private intimate environment. Our services encourage women to connect with other women and inspire them to
invest in their well-being inside and out.

The vision of the community is to motivate and support each other
Come as you are – leave even better


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All of our service providers are female entrepreneurs offering their expertise in a safe, friendly environment charged by feminine energy practicing self-care together. We are dedicated to encouraging, inspiring, motivating, and supporting each other to be as fit and well as possible.
Bring a friend, bring your mother, bring your daughter! Ages 12+ welcome.

I ask my community of women to provide a bio for our website and for different reasons it makes some women uncomfortable to describe and share details about themselves. I felt, if I asked it of them they should expect it of me…so here I am RAW.

· I am who I am. People either love me or they don’t.
· I have learned if I pretend to be something for someone else, the relationship fails.
· I have a best friend that I laugh with every time I talk with her.
· I have a sister that I have struggled to know but now cherish with my whole heart.
· I have battled with depression and anxiety- sometimes I win…sometimes I don’t.
· I have struggled with body image and weight issues.
· I am a thrifty shopper but a big tipper.
· I am strong enough to move mountains and so weak I curl up in a ball and cry in my closet.
· I am sweet and forgiving but I am also fierce and intolerant.
· I am productive and efficient but I am also overwhelmed and paralyzed.
· I love being surrounded by people but I am also comfortable being alone.
· I have good hair days and bad hair days.
· I am insecure and I am confident.
· I have days my jeans fit and days they don’t.
· I love a challenge and I fear rejection and failure.
· I worry and fret about things I cannot control or fix.
· I cry and I laugh and sometimes I pee a little when I do either.
· I look in the mirror and I don’t recognize who I see.
· I dream of being a grandmother and have nightmares of losing my own mother.
· I love to cook and entertain.
· I love to sit quietly and color with crayons.
· I love taking things apart and putting them back together again.
· I have an online shopping addiction.
· I label my medicine cabinet by category but I also have drawers I’d be horrified if someone opened.
· I like things to be organized and color coded but I only like abstract art that is messy and unrecognizable.
· I am simple but I am very very complicated.
· I am wordy and take forever to tell a story, generally waving my hands vigorously while trying to explain things.
· I do not have a college education but I am very street smart.
· I have loved – I have lost – I have loved again.
· I am extreme – I am intense – I am who I am.
· I am a mother – I am a wife – I am a daughter – I am a sister – I am a friend.
· I am a woman