Personal Development

Professional Development

Do you ever turn to those around you for advice, even though you know they’re answers won’t help you to better your life?

I’ve been there. I have journeyed through therapy, two yoga teacher trainings, and every non-fiction corner of the library. I have put in the work to heal myself. I’ve grown from that place, I have the tools and now I offer them to you.

I use the term Personal Development rather than “life coach” because a coach is another person you’re obligated to obey.¬†This is different; it’s safe, healing, even fun. Together, we will sip tea, discuss life and uncover inherent obstacles. The goal is to restructure self-limiting beliefs or behaviors and adapt your habits to be more in line with your goals.

My job is to show up for you, to support you, to kindly guide you to the places within yourself which you may have hesitated to visit on your own. In truth, you already have all of the answers. You are a capable being able to heal yourself. Unfortunately, society is crazy and life can be heavy, so sometimes we seek outside sources to sort through our sensations and direct us out of our own way.

I see you. I respect you. I am here for you.

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