Infrared Sauna Detox With Chromotherapy

Empower Wellness Studio offers one of the Valley’s only Full Spectrum, large model saunas that includes medical grade Chromotherapy. A variety of session options are available, including Standard & Premium packages. Infrared heat works by warming your body directly without having to heat the air in the sauna. Breathing is easier and healthier because the air temperature is not heated to the same degree as other types of saunas. The infrared heat penetrates deeply into your body to relax sore muscles and help alleviate pain.

Sauna sessions require appointments- Call to book your today!
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Standard 30 Min Session
4 Sessions Standard 30 min ($40/session)
8 Sessions Standard 30 min ($35/session)
16 Sessions Standard 30 min ($25/session)
Premium 60 Min Session
4 Sessions Premium 60 Min ($60/session)
8 Sessions Premium 60 Min ($55/session)
16 Sessions Premium 60 Min ($45/session)
Infrared Sauna Membership x 4
1 x per week Premium Session ($50.00 per session)
Infrared Sauna Membership x 8
• 2 x per week ($40.00 per session)
*Terms & Conditions apply

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