Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have open gym privileges? We are asked frequently why the studio does not offer open gym privileges. The vision for the studio was to “connect” women. When designing the space, the focus was on clients being WITH someone one-on-one or in a group setting. The concept is different than a gym where you would go, plug in your earbuds, jump on a treadmill and work out-solo. The space is cozy, which makes it cozy!

Does the studio have locker rooms or showers? The studio has lockers for your personal belongings and a dressing room with a vanity and mirrors. There is no public shower for use in the studio.

How do I choose a trainer? We can help you choose the trainer just right for you. All of the trainers at Empower Wellness Studio have the expertise necessary to tailor to each individual’s needs. Give us a call today for a consultation to find the right trainer for you.

How do I sign up or register for classes and book appointments? Empower Wellness Studio utilizes a third-party scheduling software, MindBody. Once you have created your client profile you can book and schedule all of the services offered at the studio through your MindBody login. From our website, you should find book now, buy now, or sign up buttons that will lead you to the MindBody profile login page.

What are the studio hours? Studio hours vary based on class schedules and providers appointments. It is best to refer to the online MindBody schedule to confirm times and cancellations.

Is there a dress code? Empower Wellness is a place where there is NO judgment and NO Ego. All we ask is that you wear attire that is conservative enough for the general public. If you feel comfortable working out in your pj’s wear them!