Class Descriptions

All classes are designed for all ages 12+ and every level of fitness, unless otherwise outlined in the class description. Modifications are always offered.

Yoga- All Level This mixed-level class is composed of challenging but accessible postures, all of which include modifications and variations to suit every level of practitioner. An invigorating class for all.

Yoga Basics is a class suitable for beginning students or those looking for a fundamental practice. The student will learn and practice basic postures, learn proper alignment and how to use the breath to benefit the body & mind. The class is perfect for new students or those wanting a slower paced practice.

Yoga Gentle Vinyasa links Asanas (postures) with the breath. Sequences of movement are linked together to produce a workout that can increase muscle strength, endurance, and flexibility as well as reduce levels of stress. This class is practiced at a slow pace allowing time for proper alignment, modifications & the use of props as needed.

Yoga Goddess Glow is a dance infused yoga designed to awaken the creative feminine divine through dynamic movement & breath. It is a sacred practice that allows you to tap into your breath & hips to flow freely. Expect growth & change, maybe not at once but as your body aligns to this sensual energy, you will feel more in your power. Expect to be challenged physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. Its intent is to help you release, recharge & meet the divine goddess in you. This energy creates a sisterhood that supports & manifests dreams together. You will always be met with compassion, respect & love.

Yoga Mix is a 75-minute class that uses the weight of your body to tone it. Each class has its own focus, rooted in balance, core strength, and energy expansion. It will increase your focus, stamina, and grace while also relieving feelings of stress or lethargy. You will utilize breath-work and repetitive movement to shift energy within the body and release whatever ailments may be weighing you down. This class is full of modifications which makes it beneficial to all students, regardless of age, injury, or experience level- NO Yoga experience is needed. Of course, you can also count on great tunes which will leave you loving the mix!

Yoga Mix 60 has the goodness and benefits of Yoga Mix in a shorter 60 minute stint.  Come get your fix!

Yoga Slow Flow Experience the tranquility of movement as you connect mind, body and spirit through a series of poses. This early morning class is what you need when you need it. Perfect way to get your body moving, blood flowing, and spirit centered for your day.

Yoga Yin/Restorative uses props to hold the body in passive poses. The pose is held for an extended period of time allowing the nervous system, as well as the muscles to relax.
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A.B.S. Core Conditioning The foundation of every empowered woman starts with a strong core. Give your abdominal some T.L.C. in this 30 min core-focused class that will leave you sore in all the right places!

Cardio Mix Sculpt
This total body sculpting class is moderate to high energy and low impact. With the dynamic dance diva movements set to club music you will target and sculpt all the body’s small muscles to create a lean, toned look. With the combination of cardio and strength training moves this class enhances the calorie burn to the beat while flooding your body with dance-floor endorphins.

EmPower Barre is a low impact full-body workout with light weights, planks, push ups, and thigh strengthening exercises. Moves to sculpt arms, lean legs, chisel the abs & lift the bum. The workout incorporates deep muscle toning resistance with the grace of ballet, the flexibility of yoga, and the core strengthening of Pilates. Don’t let the “power” scare you- it is GIRL POWER we offer!

Fusion Fit
 Cardio, Fusion, Barre,Yoga, and a touch of boot-camp are combined into this power hour workout. This powerful, quick-paced body sculpting class rapidly transitions through targeted sequences to elongate and tone your entire body Fusion Fit will keep your muscles guessing and your heart rate up for a sweat wrenching, sculpting session!

Super-She Circuit will put your strength, speed, endurance, flexibility, and coordination to the test!  This Tabata-style circuit includes body-weight, cardio, HIIT, strength, and mobility amidst a challenging, yet encouraging group atmosphere.

Women & Weights Strength training doesn’t have to be scary or bulky. This weighted workout is designed to make you leaner, stronger and tip-top toned!

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Mindful Mobility will increase your overall flexibility, mobility, & stability during this 30 min workout. It will keep you focused on overall body awareness through mind/body/breath connection and have you saying “Ahhhh…”!

Tai Chi is a beginners class that includes simple, low impact movements that increase flexibility, balance, and range of motion. Improved vitality, relaxation, mental focus, strength and overall well-being.  Each student can learn at her own pace in a relaxed, noncompetitive atmosphere.  Begin your class with a gentle warm-up stretching session and continue on learning the classical forms in sequence.  Beginners Class is designed to help you learn the art of Tai Chi without intimidation while helping you achieve the long and lean physique you are looking for.
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Series 101: Yoga/Barre Series 101: Yoga/Barre If you have yet to try a group class like Yoga or Barre, it may be difficult to know where to start. In this 45-min., 101 Series that meets 3x/month, each class builds upon the next & will repeat. The class is appropriate for ALL ages 12+ & ALL levels of experience. We will explore the terminology, poses, & movements in a comfortable, fun, judgement-free, & safe environment. The format is open, so students are encouraged to ask questions as the class moves through the different techniques. This class is also a great choice for anyone who wishes to reacquaint herself with the fundamentals. Join us for all the confidence & concepts you need to get started!

Meditation This seated (or chair) “mediation” is broken up into 5-10 minute mini sessions where we focus on breath awareness, body awareness, and releasing stressful mental patterns. We will be looking at positive thoughts that, when practiced with mindfulness in daily life, help our mind to stay peaceful, happy, and balanced. No previous meditation experience is necessary. This class is a great introduction to mediation and the benefits of calming and clearing your mind.